Bayeux 1066

Bayeux 1066

Museums, castles and old stones

Located not far from the sea but also in a historical area, the Farm of Rançonnière offers a multitude of possibility as regards cultural leisures..

Tapisserie de Bayeux

Universally known, the Tapestry of Bayeux is a single masterpiece of XIe long century 70 m out of 0.50 m of fabric of flax embroidered of wool of colors, explaining in 58 scenes the reasons and the circumstances of expédition of William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy and his army in 1066. This oeuvre superb would have been ordered by Odon, half-brother of Guillaume and bishop of Bayeux, with a Anglo-Saxon workshop to then present it in the nave of its cathedral.

Cathédrale Notre-Dame

An exceptional site which made who underwent modifications between XIIIe and XVe century. It dominates the centre town of Bayeux whose inheritance is exceptional. Visit tous.les.jours in season of the Cathedral.
Museum Baron Gerard – Hotel of the Senior in Bayeux presents part of the art collections and history of the Museum Baron Gerard (porcelain and lace of Bayeux, painting) in the form temporary expositions.

Conservatoire de la Dentelle

The purpose of this workshop is to safeguard the knowledge to make transmitted by the lacemakers of Bayeux since the 17th century. The Academy of Lace teaching continues techniques of lace to the spindles. Exposure, animation, sale. Free visits


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Château de Colombières

The Castle of Colombières date completion of XIVe. Formerly, the castle was one of these many fortresses drawn up towards Xe and XIe centuries in order to resist the English invasions. With the wire of the centuries, this castle built in edge of marsh and surrounded by water ditches always, underwent a great erosion as well as architectural modifications. From generation to generation, the successive owners brought all their care to the castle. The count and the countess Etienne de Maupéou are happy to receive you in this family residence planted in a landscape enchantor, favourable with the dream.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              château_colombière

Abbaye Saint-Martin de Juaye-Mondaye

Funded in 1202, the Abbey Saint Martin’s day de Mondaye is established in full shift Norman in calms and silence. This place of silence and serenity belongs to the order of Prefabricated. In remarkable buildings of a great sobriety rebuilt at the XVIIIe century, canons devote themselves to the prayer and the service of the church.                                                                                     Mondaye3

Château de Balleroy

It was one of the first oeuvres of François Mansart. This elegant site niche in the greenery, near a large forest of oaks and beeches, rich in game. The garden with the Frenchwoman, drawn by Andre ours, is a true boxwood embroidery. The commun runs are laid out symmetrically on both sides. In one two is the International Museum of the Balloons, created in 1975 by Malcolm S. Forbes. On the other side of the castle, a large partially wooded park opens space towards surrounding nature, allowing the departure of the hunts formerly.