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To discover the surroundings




Ideally situated in Normandy, our Farm Hotel Rançonnière will offer you pleasant moments of leisure activities and beautiful walks to discovery of our region of Bessin. Our historic heritage(holdings) is very rich. It will dilight the amateurs of history and old stones. Castles, Abbeys… Normandy offers curiosities as rare as precious.
Resource yourself in the numerous gardens which "bloom"("prosper") here and there. Finally, do not hesitate to make a pelerinage on the beaches of the Landing on which in the morning of June 6th, 44000 young soldiers arrived in order to free then Europe…
The Rose of winds

To see the surroundings…

Arromanches-les-Bains : 
the vestiges of the artificial port (bearing), the D-Day Muséum, the cinema in 360 °…

Caen : Memorial fot the peace, discovery of the city, the Castle…

A little farther : Utah Beach, Saint-Mother Church (Sainte-Mère Eglise), marshes of Cotentin

Bayeux : Tapesty,  Cathedral, museums…

Port-en-Bessin, the beaches of the Landing (D-Day), the Point (headland) of Hoc…

A little farther : Utah Beach, Saint-Mother Church (Sainte-Mère Eglise), marshes of Cotentin
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