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The Orne, the Perche and Norman Switzerland

  The Orne, the Perche and Norman Switzerland  
  The department of the Orne has became one of the high places of the equestrian culture with the construction of famous Haras of the Pin, a monument drawn up on order of Louis XIV with the glory of the noblest conquest of the man. But if this area became the cradle of the horse, it also has an extremely varied inheritance, as well at the level built as by its landscape and its natural inheritance. The castles, manors, churches and abbeys, houses and were built with materials resulting from the area.
To also discover the many museums and other local collections allowing to discover the history of the Orne ash and the Perche. That which built the country through its wars, its alliances, its great families, but also small history, that of the men, through the practised trades, popular arts and traditions.
Haras du Pin
The Stud farm of the Pin located between Argentan and Gacé is oldest of the 23 deposits of standards concerned with the Ministry for agriculture. In this high place, the modern techniques of reproduction have illustrated the knowledge to make Stud farm for three centuries. In parallel, the traditions remained identical to those of the past.
The Stud farm of the Pin is the first French center of study, conservation and reproduction of the equine race. It is also the first tourist pole of the department of the Flowering ash. 70 standards of 10 different races are indexed in the stables of the Stud farms of the Pine daily Visits, ravelled attachments several times in the year..
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