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  Lisieux owes its notoriety in Sainte-Thérèse of the Jesus Child. In addition to the Saint-Pierre Cathedral, many curiosities are to be discovered like old streets, houses with wood sides and many other buildings which they are civil or monk.  
The Basilica Sainte Thérèse
Formerly animated by manufacture of the fabrics and cloths and by the spinning mill of cotton, the Lisieux old man of the narrow lanes and the houses with wood sides almost completely disappeared. Only still testify some the old Saint-Pierre cathedral and its episcopal palate, and the Saint-Jacob church.   Lisieux of today is before a whole place of pélerinage, until in the drawing of its streets. To celebrate and commemorate dead Sainte-Thérèse in 1897 in Carmel, the city made build in 1929 an immense basilica, visited since by thousands of tourists.   rose lisieux
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