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The photographs of cliff made the turn of the world. This characteristic is the pride of Etretat which hides some curiosities and the richnesses making the reputation of this seaside resort of the Cauchoise coast. So much so that of many artists were allured by Etretat. Courbet, Boudin, Monet, Matisse transcribed on the fabric the colors changeantes sky, sand and sea. Offenbach composed there some operettas, Maupassant made there build "The Guillette".


Le Clos Lupin – Maison Maurice Leblanc







The "Clos Lupin" is a splendid field. Superb but secrêt, strange also, mysterious especially! It is here at the Clos Lupin where lived Maurice Leblanc, author of the adventures of the not less famous gentleman burglar Arsène Lupin. The Clos Lupin, it is also a residence which occupied an essential place in the work of Maurice Leblanc who acquired this property in 1918. Today, this superb house was transformed into museum. A particular museum, a course spectacle of approximately 45 minutes which plunges the visitor in a strange environment.


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