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  A city and a historical inheritance  
  Capital of Low-Normandy, Caen is a town of arts having a true made historical inheritance of castles, abbeys, churches and museums. Also, this city which cultivates the tradition and the modernism abounds in sites dedicated to the great events of the XXe century that it is essential to discover.  
The Memorial of Caen, a voyage in the heart of the 20th century
The memorial of Caen is a true museum recalling with meticulousness the history of the XXe century. It was imagined perfectly by its originators. To discover the course museographic of 1918 to our days, it is to enter the history of Normandy but also the history of the world. All the greatest conflicts like the Unloading, the Battle of Normandy or the cold war, are revealed in a constructive way. The Memorial, it is also a place of reflexion, conferences, exposures virtual and international conferences.   MEMORIAL1
Ducal Castle, Museum of Beautiful arts, Museum of Normandy
Built about 1060 per William the Conqueror, the ducal Castle of Caen east one of the vastest strengthened enclosures of Europe. To see: Tower fortress, barracks, room of the chess-board, museum of beautiful the arst, museum of Normandy (archaeological collections).   chatcaen
The hill with the birds
35 hectares of floral garden with the American, Canadian and English gardens in the valley of the Memorial. See: rosery of 15.000 pinks including 570 varieties of the Middle Ages, labirinthe, boxwood, yews, miniature Normandy, spaces plays, miniature golf, show of tea.   colline
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